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      1. Benchmarking: Real Estate

        Real Estate Benchmarking Association

        The Real Estate Benchmarking Association™ (REBA™) is currently a free association of real estate management organizations within major corporations. REBA™ conducts benchmarking studies to identify practices that improve the overall operations of the members

        To identify "Best in Class" facilities & real estate management processes, which, when implemented, will lead member companies to exceptional performance.

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        This service is provided by The Benchmarking Network, Inc., an international resource for business process research and metrics. We lead studies with over 140,000 process leaders in over 65 countries. We provide benchmarking training and research to individual companies, professional and trade associations, and industry and process based groups. Since 1992, our over 300 benchmarking studies have spanned virtually all processes and industries to identify measures and collect data.

        Books Available From The Benchmarking Network:

        Managing by Measuring

        Managing By Measuring

        Published by AMACOM

        Available at Amazon.com

        MANAGING BY MEASURING How to Improve Your Organization's Performance Through Effective Benchmarking As information systems managers search for ways to improve their operations, they're discovering that traditional "shot-gun" approaches to benchmarking are too broad and too vague. Now, Managing by Measuring breaks out of the generalist mold to supply targeted information on how to identify best practices specifically in information systems organizations. The book includes: ** an overview of benchmarking and how it can help the information systems specialist ** step-by-step guidelines on conducting a benchmarking study, including how to perform research, analyze raw data, and isolate best practices ** tips for managing the process, including how to develop a mission statement, select a team, and prioritize activities ** a practical benchmarking demonstration, including detailed instructions and ready-to-go forms. In addition, the book supplies real-life case studies of information systems organizations that have successfully used benchmarking techniques, and key results of an original study conducted by The Benchmarking Network.

        Benchmarking Strategies in Accounting and Finance

        Benchmarking Strategies in Accounting & Finance

        Published by The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants


        See Excerpts

        Benchmarking Strategies for Healthcare Management

        Benchmarking Strategies For Healthcare Management

        Published by Aspen Publishers

        TQM Strategies in Accounting and Finance

        TQM Strategies in Accounting and Finance

        Published by The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

        Reengineering Accounting and Business Processes

        Reengineering Accounting and Business Processes

        Published by The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants